Q. In using your architectural or structural engineering services, will I be at liberty to obtain alternative quotes for the construction?

A. Yes - we will agree a separate fee to cover the respective elements of our services which would leave you free to seek alternative quotes.

Q. If I am using my own architects/structural engineers will you still be able to quote separately for the construction work?

A. Yes - the majority of our work comes from clients own drawings, bills of quantities and specifications etc. We can however, offer professional advice in all of these areas where we feel saving can be achieved.

Q. Is my perception of a completed basement as having a continuous damp smell and poor daylight visibility unfounded?

A. Yes - damp smells come from poorly ventilated rooms and water penetration through breached waterproofing. Modern day waterproofing membranes, with their associated pumping outlets, will eliminate water penetration. With regard to poor daylight and visibility this can be eliminated through correctly positioned light wells, sun pipes etc and with additionally openable window areas coupled to an efficient air conditioning system will eradicate any mustiness in the internal air quality.

Q. Do I have to move out of my property during the construction?

A. No - the benefit of a basement construction is that the access to your property is generated from the front/ rear with on-going structural support to the ground floor.

Q. What measures do you employ to make my property safe during the construction period?

A. We will erect a secure hoarding around any newly generated access points which will then be retained in place until the new works are completed.

Q. What do I tell my neighbour?

A. If you share a wall, or their adjoining boundary wall is within 3 meters of the construction, then you will need a party wall agreement in place prior to the works commencing.

Q. Will you be able to tell me whether the cost of the project will be comparable to the possible increase in the value of my house?

A. Prior to today’s difficult selling climate a general rule would be that a completed basement would increase the value by as much as 30% dependent on size and specification.